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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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loma. team coverage tonight, david? >> police tell us this still unnamed suspect ended up stealing a car first this morning then came here to antioch he stole a second vehicle, presumably, the car you can see down there up against a street barrier. a chp officer fired a shot but no one was wounded. he tried car after car, some had doors locked and others didn't. one car had protection. a dog that looked too menacing.
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>> he went into the car next to us, then went into where the hostages are. >> started coming toward our car. and as soon as the dog came up he stopped and pointed his gun at me and the dog. we were yelling and said get away. then he ran to the next car. >> his name dog's name is cash, as in johnny cash. investigators say they talked on and off. one hostage was released and the suspect left with his arms up and second hostage was freed. there are other victims. you see cars at the pumps? those drivers have not been allowed to reclaim their
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vehicles. >> david thank you. it was a dramatic chase. you can hear it in the voices of the officers. >> subject pointed a gun at chp. he's in the garage area. he has one hostage. >> abc7 news is live in antioch tonight where police have just finished giving a news conference. what is the update? this is where they've been interviewing witnesses. they believed they called several times and they were able to get him to give up.
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this started in antioch. police say his car was stolen out of walnut creek and disabled. so he car jacked another driver at the scene. the chp followed him by helicopter through pittsburgh, concord and brentwood finally spiking his car which crashed in antioch. an officer fired and missed before he ran into the gas station. >> this situation we used available technology. i will tell you he recognized it was in the vehicle and discarded it. it was since collected.
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>> so that cell phone he jacked gave the chp an opportunity to fly over him and follow him around as he drove into the east bay. now, the there isn't any detail about what happened inside of the convenience store with the two hostages. police didn't give us any details to whether he threatened them or what went on but did say they were uninjured and they're now talking to them. >> thank you very much. importantly, everyone is safe. we're several minutes from tippoff at oracle arena. warriors hope to clench the
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western conference championship tonight. steph curry is ready to play following that spill on thursday. he went down, hard. give us just minutes up to date his condition and report on his adopted hometown in the east bay. we begin live at oracle arena. laura? >> i'm just outside of oracle arena. tippoff just minutes away. this is going to be a full house tonight. among those in attendance jesse jackson, kanye west and a couple detroit tigers we talked to steph curry. >> kind of a freak incident. >> steph curry was most concerned about his family and their view of his scary fall monday night.
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>> you can imagine what kind of thoughts go through their heads i was trying to be myself, i went home, watched a movie. convincing them i was all right. >> he did look like his normal self making threes it seemed by the bucket. >> he's a warrior. >> that is a huge relief to fans. some took in a matinee. >> i'm going to root because i'm a bay area fan. >> it's all good. >> tigers all the way. >> warriors? >> yes. there will be room for the
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warriors. >> we do love our mvp. do you know he grew up in north carolina? he his wife and their young daughter live in orinda. he is a real member of the community. >> in orinda there is one resident everyone is buzzing about. >> he is the talk of the town? >> of course. >> when he leaves he comes home, he's more than a name. he's a neighbor. he autographed a gift certificate. here, the family shops with their adorable daughter, riley who stole the spotlight the other night. >> came in the day after. the kids were freaking out.
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>> we hear grown ups running into them are cool. curry likes his pizza without paparazzi. >> that is why they feel at home. they're able to come in and not get bugged for autographs >> people are used to seeing the clan. his wife gets pampering at this salon. and this fan took a picture of his brother with steph's mom and dad. >> really nice people. >> other customers pointed out the point guard now, a special treat could make it into the menu. >> maybe like blue berry was lemon, maybe? some blue some gold. >> make mine with a dash of curry. >> assuming the warrers win tonight sh we're hoping they'll be in the finals.
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>> there is a conflict happening in a small town of bolinas. >> this is interesting. bolinas has a long history of environmentalism. many people now helped clean up that spill. this paint is a threat to the ocean. bolinas. the way it looked, that may feel like the only unmarked spot here. >> it's shocking that is this
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damaging. >> these signs appeared along the beach. that offends some residents who consider painting on beach walls a rite of citizenship. . >> i love the art. i don't wish to see art when i go down to the beach. >> this man is offended with art mixed with personal signage. the capper is that they do it in spray paint. >> smell that. toxic. >> he walks this street picking up paint chips and he's a monthederit compared to others. >> it gets in the food chain.
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it will be there forever. >> this veterinarian wants all murals removed including this one. >> you can't allow one group to paint and another not to. leaving this town now polluted what a vision >> do you think artistic expression is something everybody can come together over? >> there is a public meeting this weekend if you're an outsider, good luck finding it. >> still ahead a homeowner in lake tahoe takes bear advocates to court. how far can one man go? >> it's cool and breezy. we're expecting high temperatures in the next few days. >> what are your rights when
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who is responsible for the wave of zip car in san francisco? prosecutors say she's only stolen some of them. she talked only with abc7 news from her jail cell.
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>> a chp officer said she admitted stealing 30 zip cars they say the thefts have dropped off since she's been in jail. >> how many have you taken part in steal something >> seven. >> that is all she will admit to. between march and april 76 zip cars were stolen. since her arrest, prosecutors say only three have been stolen. >> i'm not guilty. >> the 28-year-old claims she's not part of a ring of thieves the real ring leader she says,
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is still out there. >> she uses a slim jim to get in and then manipulates wires from another device. she says she's never stolen any type of car. why these cars? >> i have been able to rethink about what i wanted to do. >> do you want to steal cars? >> no. i'm done. >> at her arraignment, she pleaded not guilty.
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a homeowner asked a judge if he is protecting a case against bear advocates. former nevada state senator had a problem with bears. then, he had a problem with the bear league. >> he thought a month detectivive order against the director, board member and two volunteers.
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but they believe problem bears are created by problem property owners. >> we have issue was the department of wildlife and policies and ant to peacefully protest traps. >> the trap is gone, and so are the protestors but he warned the next time may be different. >> it tells a story. >> i don't know this is new to us. the judge did say that if we observe, we're going to get served. >> on to weather forecast. >> yes. >> what is in store?
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>> not suggesting a warm up, but it's going to get warmer inland we have sunny skies over inland areas now. and 26 in san jose. sfo a hill bit milder now. here is a he live view looking at blue skies over the bay. check out this view looking west looks like san francisco about to be
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swallowed there. here it's a bit cloudy. turns cool on sunday. taking a look at just how cool may have been. only first two days of the month were above average. next 24 days were below average. that is what the bay area shows. a warming trend but won't last long because it will be followed by a cooler system on sunday that might bring precipitation. tonight, low clouds push inland.
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overnight lows i don't mean light showers. and tomorrow, sunny skies, inland and over the bay. warmer with highs up to near 80 degrees on the coast, highs upper 50s and around the bay, upper 60s to lower 70s here is the accu-weather forecast. highs reaching into mid-80s, upper 70s around the bay. a sharp cool down sunday and perhaps a sprinkle or two. >> coming up a glitch that could shut down your iphone. >> yes. it's an open secret online. what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.
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[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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because of the fire danger and drought the city of pitsburg but takes more than 100,000 gallons of water. they do not find an alternative location. >> san jose water company is changing how much water you can get the company told customers to cut by 30% but now, homes with
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large families or medical needs can get a larger amount. details will be revealed tomorrow night a new glitch may cause your iphone to shut down. the problem happens when a phone receives a text message with a string of characters including several in arabic. in the meantime, you can go to settings notifications and message that's turn off the switch. >> and dash boards of nearly every new chevolet will be functioning like a smart phone. a san jose third grader could be on the way to becoming one of the nation's top chefs.
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this 9-year-old won a few tour chef competition, creating a healthy version of nachos. is hr dreaming big. >> maybe be on my favorite show, "master chef". i do a lot of sports. i need healthy snacks. >> prizes include a lap top great america passes and cookies. >> there is more still to come. we'll start with breaking news from ray mcdonald. >> and where rescue missions are
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recovery. >> and good life
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that breaking news is involving ray mcdonald. police just arrested him again within the hour. police say he violated a restraining order by going to a home in santa clara. this after going back to the home today and arrested him. this is his fourth arrest in one year. >> hundreds of people in texas are being urged to leave their homes after a major new flooding threat. it's been rain raining for days
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now. tonight, our reporter in houston tells us about a search there. >> helicopters rolled overhead and boats skimmed a creek this family grows anxious. >> it's frustrating for the family. there is no progress. >> this woman was swept away tuesday morning. >> the they include one person who died in the area. and christopher kirby, and dennis calahan and a 31-year-old
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man along westwood south. one of the dead just left a rockets game and was driving home. two were rescued by the houston fire department. the boat cap sized her husband is still missing. they're the two people from our area still unaccounted for. and they hope that are found soon. >> the sweetest woman. she made sure everyone was happy. had many friends. >> so in all, six dead two still missing. the family just hopes she's found soon. >> there is a fire in gilroy that burned eight acres and no structures burned. residents say this was too close
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for comfort. >> just black smoke you can see flames. and they responded quickly. uk see helicopters dropping fire retardant chemicals on the flames. there is no word on what sparked the flames. >> today, corruption charges at the highest level. today, 14 officials were arrested for racketeering and money laundering. they're accused of taking bribes to aword the world cup to south africa russia and qatar. >> who would televise games?
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where they would be held? who would run the organization? >> u.s. authorities got involved because banks were used to launder money. >> republican rick santorum is revealing his campaign during an interview with abc news n 2012 he came in second to mitt romney and says this time around, he'll do things differently. >> so we're going to have more money. that really helps. we learned from the last campaign. you've got to do well in iowa. several g.o.p. contenders are expected to give santorum tougher competition for the
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christian conservative vote. >> jesse jackson was in oakland today to push students towards careers in science technology, engineering and math. abc7 news was there. >> seasoned civil rights leader jesse jackson is still recognized and respected among a much-younger generation of teens. his newest mission is increasing technology in schools. and wants silicon valley to invest in them. iet begins at home. to be aspiring to be stem scholars >> his organization donated $15,000 in college scholarships today it's not a huge amount. he asked tech companyies to
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contribute more. >> i just want to say thank you. >> this is one of the few students who sat down with jackson. >> there are still problems that go on. so i feel like he's just trying to open our eyes. >> oakland tech offers courses in technology. something not available two years ago. there are still many on ka cells. >> we don't see ourselves represented as scientists as we grow up. >> jackson proposed a new way to make technology more accessible to under served communities. >> a unique idea jackson hopes will get traction.
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a $1500 charge to return a cell phone?
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>> what are your rights when trying to return a mobile device
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to your carrier? >> sometimes, you buy a phone and it isn't a good fit what. do you do? what can you expect? bob is dialling his phone connected through sprint. he switched over but the phone didn't work well on a trip to new york. >> eight dropped calls and i said i can't have this. >> rob returned the phones, he had two. verizon has a 14 day return policy. he got a bill. >> they charged me a full value of the phone plus sales tax and two months service. for about $1570 >> he tried to get the money back but turned to to 7 on your
6:41 pm
side. >> they got it done. hugely apologetic. >> verizon told us they strive to provide the best service and in this case failed to deliver on that promise we regret this error and have corrected his account. >> we do sometimes hear from consumers having trouble with early determination fees. this is one of the most-popular articles on the website. >> that is in
6:42 pm
2005, most companies have a 14-day return policy. t-mobile allows 30 days other companies charge small fees so check those as well. >> thank you michael. >> coming up here next music is the love of her live. >>
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san jose's independent police auditor will retire from her job this summer meaning more time for a labor of
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love. etc. not just music. a particular kind occupies her time. >> our goal is simple. bringing music of black composers to the world. >> she has worn many caps but this new incarnation is something different. they're looking for the work s of black composers. >> we're on a mission to bring
6:47 pm
more of this music to the world. this is who they are, but they don't stop there. every january they perform in east palo alto. students don't just listen or study, but take part. >> all proceeds are going to the school. >> we fell in love with students teachers and everything they're doing there at the school. >> these kids are going to grow
6:48 pm
up knowing this is a part of american heritage. eric thomas, abc7 news >> wow. >> another up indict on the forecast for you. >> low clouds on the bay but let's move onto the weather is severe. a line of severe thunderstorms to oklahoma and into texas. northern texas and some area
6:49 pm
s have been hard hit. across california tomorrow warm to hot and highs upper 70 to around 80. mid-80s inland low 60s on the coast. i don't want to go in houston. >> no. no. >>
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1975. jason perry for the dunk and first points. trailing nine. he struck a break. draw the contact no fall but buckets goes. and in 13-10, houston. drills the set back, three. shooting 23% in the first 12 minutes. high after three hitless innings, shoulder tight.
6:54 pm
tigers taking a lead. he's going to strike out. bottom line, goes down swinging and 3-2, the final. bottom 4, 1 man on, effortless
6:55 pm
swing. and santiago flying way out to right. >> san jose sharks found a new coach. and first season in 2012 lost to the kings let go midway through last season. he has a hard nosed approach. and since 2003 hopefully he can whisk the team into shape.
6:56 pm
two town, davis a three footer. oh boy. this abc7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. tonight a skull speaking to investigators from the ancient past, at 9:00 >> then at 11:00 more trouble for former 49er may mcdonald. >> stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> tonight's guest are actor paul giamati.
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>> now if you have dish or direct tv go down load from aur app store. >> that will do it for abc7 news. >> from all of us here we appreciate your time.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a pediatrician from ambler, pennsylvania... a writer from arlington, virginia... and our returning champion an attorney, originally from gillette, new jersey... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hi, folks. we're very lucky here at "jeopardy!" we have a very bright staff so that whenever i make a mistake they're there to help me out and help me correct that mistake. something similar occurred at the end of yesterday's program. i made the mistake of mispronouncing dan's last name. i said "dan fi-tel."
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at the end of the program, his mom came out of the audience spoke to our stage manager to help straighten me out. "tell him it's 'dan fi-tell.' get it right, trebek." sounds a lot like sean connery she does. [ laughter ] okay, kate and jane are here. welcome. good luck. here we go -- the "jeopardy!" round. and now these categories. good category. "rub" in quotation marks. all right, young mr. feitel. make a selection. let's start with the other acting brother for $200, please. dan. who is connery? sean connery, yes. other acting brother $400, please


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